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Hitachi and its listed subsidiaries are "Companies with Nominating Committee, etc." defined under the Companies Act of Japan. By demarcating responsibilities for management oversight and those for the execution of business operations, Hitachi is working to create a framework for nimble operations, while making management highly transparent.
In addition, Hitachi is executing business strategies formulated to enable the Group to demonstrate its collective strengths. Moreover, some of Hitachi's directors and executive officers serve concurrently as directors and executive officers at Group companies, thereby strengthening integrated management of the Group and improving management oversight of Group companies. In these ways, Hitachi is working to increase corporate value.
Starting in June 2015, Japan's Corporate Governance Code applies to companies listed on stock exchanges in Japan. Hitachi agrees with the basic approach of the Code, which is that the Code's appropriate implementation will contribute to the development and success of companies, investors and the Japanese economy as a whole through individual companies' self-motivated actions so as to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term. Moving forward, Hitachi will work to further strengthen corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Guidelines