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Hitachi GroupIntellectual Property Strategy

R&D and Intellectual Property Report


Hitachi Group Overview

I. Introduction

II. Hitachi Technology Management

  1. What Hitachi should be
  2. Technology management approach
  3. Technology management support system

III. Intellectual Property and R&D in Main Target Businesses

  1. Industry-leading disaster response system and improved durability elevators
  2. High-density 2.5-inch hard disk drive based on perpendicular magnetic recording
  3. IPS liquid crystal display (LCD)

IV. Research and Development

  1. R&D strategy
  2. Organization of R&D as a hub for the Hitachi Group
  3. Highly reliable, low-cost MONOZUKURI capability
  4. Serving a global market

V. Intellectual Property

  1. Intellectual property rights
  2. Brand management


  • Reference 1. Group Companies listed in Japan-US Patent Data
  • Reference 2. Major External Awards & recognitions


Intellectual Property Group
Strategic Planning Department

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